GTNeuro Steering Committee

The GTNeuro Steering Committee provides direction, guidance, and integration for Institute-wide Neuroscience and Neurotechnology activities.  The Steering Committee is:

Garrett Stanley (Biomedical Engineering, COE, Co-Chair,
Tim Cope (Biological Sciences, COS, Co-Chair,
Lena Ting (Biomedical Engineering, COE, Emory University,
Chris Rozell (Electrical and Computer Engineering, COE,
Robert Butera (Electrical and Computer Engineering, COE,
Lewis Wheaton (Biological Sciences, COS,
Hang Lu (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, COE,
Simon Sponberg (Physics, COS,
Eric Schumacher (Psychology, COS,
Constantine Dovrolis (School of Computer Science, COC,


chart describing the 3 tiers of neuro at tech