• Data Detectives Shift Suspicions in Alzheimer's from Usual Suspect to Inside Villain

  • Stanley Wins Third BRAIN Award

  • Navigational View of the Brain Thanks to Powerful X-Rays

  • Annabelle Singer is one of 18 innovative young scientists in the nation to be selected as a 2017 Packard Fellow

  • Lena Ting Receives $2.6 Million NIH Grant to Identify Balance Impairment Mechanisms for those with Parkinson’s Disease

  • Dr. Jun Ueda was recently awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation to study dynamic robot vision inspired by the principles of human vision 

  • Hang Lu Wins NSF NeuroNex Award - part of NSF's Understanding the Brain program

  • See Cosmos in the Cranium: GT Research Horizons

  • Lena Ting and Young-Hui Chang are finding out "Why Flamingos Are More Stable on One Leg Than Two"



Research from Haider lab demonstrates that visual behavior is impacted by the moment-to-moment state of activity in the...
Eva Dyer and Chethan Pandarinath ranked among top young scientists in the country
BME/Petit Institute researcher Chethan Pandarinath awarded NIH Grant to develop brain-machine interfaces for rehabilitation
BME/Petit Institute researcher exploring the role of attention in sensory perception
BME/Petit Institute researcher gets NSF award
BME/Petit Institute researcher using first R01 grant to support non-invasive brain stimulation
Coulter Department/Petit Institute researcher building a case against chief suspect in devastating disease
NSF award supporting researchers at Georgia Tech, Emory, Northwestern, and the University of Chicago
As a new anti-cancer drug delivery method heads into phase I clinical trials, researchers explore the tissue-level...
Interdisciplinary researchers studycoupling of skull-brain vibroacoustics and ultrasound for enhanced therapy and diagnosis

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“Integrating New Knowledge into a Neural Network without Catastrophic Interference: Computational and Theoretical Investigations in a Hierarchically Structured Environment” - James L. McClelland, Ph.D.
“Self-Tuning Neurons and Firing Rate Homeostasis in Visual Cortical Networks” - Gina Turrigiano, Ph.D. - Brandeis University
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