Welcome to Neuro@Tech!  Neuroscience and Neuroengineering research and education are found across multiple Schools and Colleges at Georgia Tech and span a wide range of interests, many of which pivot on cutting-edge technology. We develop and translate interdisciplinary and innovative solutions to the challenges of understanding the complexity of the nervous system, treating neurological diseases and injuries, and augmenting neural function. 

What makes Neuro@Tech special? Neuro@Tech is a dynamic and exciting community that fosters our existing programs and catalyzes new collaborative directions within Georgia Tech and with the broader Neuroscience and Neuroengineering communities.  We use quantitative, systems-level, and integrative approaches to study the most complex human organ—the brain—and the equally elegant spinal cord and peripheral nervous system, which together control every system in the body. Among our research programs you will find cutting-edge concepts and technologies for understanding such things as multisensory integration and novel combination repair strategies, unraveling the complex algorithms of the brain from seemingly simple repetitive functions to storing memories, and probing the brain through functional imaging.

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  • Planting Brain Seeds: Neural Engineering Center becomes official, launches new seed grant program.
    October, 2014
  • Seminar: Neural Engineering Center & Young Innovators in Biomedical Engineering - Sridevi V. Sarma PhD, Johns Hopkins Univ. October 28, 2014
    October, 2014
  • Neural Engineering Center Rapid-Fire Seed Grant Call - due Nov. 1 2014
    October, 2014

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