Georgia Tech researchers have joined a cohort of 125 early career scholars who represent the most promising scientific researchers working today.
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Cassie Mitchell is one of the first awardees under an initiative from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and the National Academies of Science,…
Markowitz gets $875,000 funding over five years — and the freedom to take risks and explore new frontiers in his research.
Eva Dyer wants to use her NSF CAREER award to address the next challenge.


"Combining Transcranial Brain Stimulation with Neuroimaging for State-dependent Stimulation and Causal Network Interrogation" - Til Ole Bergmann, Ph.D., Johannes Gutenberg University
"Sensory Processing and Integration in the Drosophila Taste System" - Anita Devineni, Ph.D., Emory University
Brian Lau, Ph.D., Paris Brain Institute
"Synapses Lost and Found: Developmental Critical Periods and Alzheimer's Disease" - Carla Shatz, Ph.D., Stanford University
"Connectomic Deep Brain Stimulation" - Cameron McIntyre, Ph.D., Duke University