Celebrating 100 Years of Psychology at Georgia Tech

A black and white collage on a gold background.
A black and white collage on a gold background.

Since the early days of the Institute, Georgia Tech students have explored aspects of the mind, brain, and behavior through psychology. What started as one or two courses in business psychology has since erupted into dynamic, nationally ranked psychology research and academic programs that serve hundreds of students annually. 

“Beginning with just a few courses in applied psychology, psychology at Georgia Tech has evolved into one of the most dynamic and distinctive psychology schools globally,” says Tansu Celikel, professor and chair of the School of Psychology. “Our educational and research endeavors are designed to meet the needs of our students and the society as we explore the causal interplay between the mind, brain, behavior and technology.”

Though psychology courses had been taught at the Institute prior, it was in 1924 that psychology became a core requirement for three of Tech’s then 12 degree programs, solidifying it as a staple of the Georgia Tech curriculum. 

To commemorate the past century of psychology at Georgia Tech, we’re taking a deep dive into its storied history at the Institute. 

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