GT Neuro Partners

Listed below are the partner organizations that work together with GT Neuro.

Neural Engineering Center   
The Neural Engineering Center is a Georgia Tech Interdisciplinary Research Center developing cutting-edge science and technology for measuring, understanding, modifying, and stimulating neural activity.  There is a critical need for novel collaborative integration between researchers developing interfacing technologies and those advancing our scientific understanding of brain and nervous system function.  Applications of these technologies span advancing understanding of neural function to translational methods that improve clinical outcomes.


Center for Advanced Brain Imaging (CABI)
The Georgia State / Georgia Tech Center for Advanced Brain Imaging is located in midtown Atlanta. Our 3-Tesla Siemens Trio Magnetic Resonance Imaging system allows us to investigate brain function and structure.


Emory Neuromodulation and Innovation Center (ENTICe)

ENTICe is a collaborative effort between the Departments of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry at Emory University. What makes ENTICe unique is that it crosses the boundaries of traditional academic departments and scientific disciplines to focus on the specific goal of advancing research in neuromodulation and developing new and innovative neuromodulation devices.