Spring 2021 Course Offerings

GT Courses - Undergrad 

BMED 4803 Intro to Neural Engineering, Singer, TR 2-3:15

BME 4783 Intro to Medical Image Processing, Wang TR 9:30-10:45 

NEUR 3010 Methods in Neuroscience, Stanley, 12:30-1:45

NEUR/BME 4803 Neural Systems, Networks, and Behavior, Cope, Brown, Sponberg MW 9:30-10:45 

PSYC4090 Cognitive Neuroscience, Rahnev,TR 3:30-4:45

PSYC 4020, Biopsychology, MW 2-3:15


GT Courses - Grad 

BMED 7012 Integrative Core II, Haider WF 3:30-4:45

BMED 7601 Advanced Seminar in Neuroengineering, Pardue TR 5-6:15 

APPH 6212-A Systems (Neuromuscular) Physiology II, Balog, TR 2:00pm-3:15pm

APPH 6232 Locomotion Neuromechanics, Chang MW 2-3:15

ECE/BMED 6790 Information Processing Models of Neural Systems, Rozell TR 2-3:15

BMED 8813 Interfacing Engineering Technology and Rehabilitation (Emory DPT 988, IBS 760R) Willet, Wolf W 4-7 pm

ME 8843 Biomechatronics of Wearable Robotic  Systems, Sawicki, Young, MWF 3:30pm-4:20pm

CS8803-CAB: Computation and the Brain, Santosh, Mon 5-7:45pm https://computationandbrain.wordpress.com/ 


Emory Courses - Grad 

CS 584-1 Adaptive Machine Learning, Banerjee, MW 2:40pm-3:55pm

CS 584-2 Computational Methods for Biomedical Image Analysis, Kamaleswaran, TR 4:20-535pm 

IBS514  Cellular Neuroscience, team, M-F 9:30-11

IBS534 Computational Neuroscience, Berman, MW 2:40-3:55

IBS 760R,  DPT 988  Interfacing Engineering Technology and Rehabilitation (GT BMED 8813) Willet, Wolf W 4-7 pm